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The CPO is to the business’s product what the CTO is to technology. The responsibilities of the CPO are inclusive of product vision, product strategy, user experience, product design, product development, and product marketing. Here’s a list of sample corporate-level job titles with a description of the position. C-level jobs are the top corporate executive positions in a company. A chief executive officer is the highest-ranking executive of a firm. CEOs act as the company’s public face and make major corporate decisions.

  • Both are accountable to the shareholders, who fund the company.
  • Consulting relies heavily on corporate titles as a tool for recognition and reward.
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  • This compensation may impact how and where listings appear.
  • This role’s duties have considerably widened in the last few years due to the increasing prevalence of social media and the rise of consumer-centric marketing.
  • In any industry, big organizations have a board of directors.

In addition to her work within companies, Mary authors a leadership development blog called Surviving Leadership to continue the dialogue around the challenges of leadership – both being a leader AND being led. She is also co-chair of the Denver chapter of DisruptHR. And if you read that paragraph and thought, “I don’t do that,” you might be telling the truth. After all, I know quite a few recruiters that do try to look at an applicant’s responsibilities. And they try to make a case to the hiring managers that titles are arbitrary and organization-specific. Sometimes that works…but a lot of times it doesn’t. This is why so many people are obsessed with job titles – gotta get the promotion to get the title to get the raise to get the next promotion and so on.

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Alison founded and has been an expert in the field for more than 20 years. A general manager is a person in charge of a department within a company. Corporate governance is the set of rules, practices, and processes used to manage a company. Learn how corporate governance impacts your investments. The CEO is not always the chair of the board, and the president is not always the COO.

Root takes title at The Blade’s 34th annual Corporate and Community Spelling Bee – Toledo Blade

Root takes title at The Blade’s 34th annual Corporate and Community Spelling Bee.

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Chief information technology officerCITOResponsible for information technology. Often equivalent to chief information officer and, in a Corporate title company that sells IT, chief technology officer . The CEO may also hold the title of “chairman”, resulting in an executive chairman.

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  • CXO is not to be confused with CxO, a term commonly used when referring to any one of various chief officers.
  • The board establishes corporate management policies and decides on big-picture corporate issues.
  • Often equivalent to chief information officer and, in a company that sells IT, chief technology officer .
  • For example, Valve Corporation claims to use a flat organizational structure to reduce bureaucracy and empower employees with the freedom to take risks.
  • A chief information officer oversees information technology matters, either in companies that specialize in IT or in any kind of company that relies on it for supporting infrastructure.
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Please provide the full legal business name as it appears on the CSLB license. Boxes and private mail boxes are not acceptable for the street address.

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Chief of staff is a corporate director level manager who has overall responsibility for the staff activity within the company who often would have responsibility of hiring and firing of the highest level managers and sometimes directors. They can work with and report directly to managing directors and the chief executive officer. A corporate title is a designation that indicates where an employee fits in the company hierarchy. It defines the scope of the employee’s duties and responsibilities as well as denotes the chain of command. There is a standard methodology for the use of corporate titles that is generally recognized, but within the common format there is a lot of variation. Corporations have the authority to use or create any title system that reflects the company’s culture and its decisions about organizational structure. In British English, the title of managing director is generally synonymous with that of chief executive officer.

Corporate title

“Chief Environmental Officer” and “Chief Talent Officer” are legitimate upper management titles. C-Level business titles (or C-Suite job positions) are top leadership titles. Business titles are often the same across all industries. A manufacturing firm and a marketing firm can both have managers, admin assistants, receptionists, and other types of business jobs. Business titles, sales titles, and all the company titles anyone could need.

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Corporate title

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